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Here are tips on creating perfect smile line.

1)Stiletto-Which are long and sleek looking nails, I prefer a nice deep smile line ( for more dramatic look you could have it come to a point the stiletto tip.

2)Square-The smile line for square nail can vary . some people prefer very deep smile line while other like it very flat. I usually create a moderate smile line that mirrors the shape at the cuticle area.

3)Squoval- For squoval nail the smile line can be less dramatic and mirror the shape of the tip.

4)Almond/Oval- An Almond /Oval shape looks best with a deep smile line.

5) Round – For round nails I prefer a more discreet French look keeping the white thinner and following the shape of the tip.

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UV gels are the result of very specific chemistry used with very specific curing technology. If good curing technology is not employed to polymerize the UV gel resin system, then all of the polymer chains will not form. Not completing all of the polymer chains will result in a few important issues that will cause problems. These issues will be, most importantly, a weak polymer that is not functioning at its optimal strength. The finished product will not have a high

shine, white and colored gels will not cure to their optimum thickness and adhesion will

be weak resulting in a greater occurrence of lifting. Likewise, if the optimal curing is

obtained by the use of proper curing technology, all of the polymers will be formed, high

gloss will be a result and the enhancement will have increased adhesion and thus will

decrease the occurrence of lifting problems.

It is VERY important to note that the use of poor curing technology will result in poor

adhesion and a weak polymer system after curing the gel in the UV lamp. An optimal

cure will not replace good nail preparation and ideal nail shaping.

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